We are fortunate to have a wonderful community of patients. At Power Health we strive to create an atmosphere of learning, expertise and always involve our patients in their care. Our patients are truly an extension of our family. Learn how chiropractic and ART can help you live without pain.

"The benefits of massage (ART) has been fantastic for me. John's skill and finding and correcting my back and shoulder problems was amazing. On top of all that John is warm and caring person."


"No more back pain, no more stiff neck, and shoulders! Dr. Chelsea has turned a non-believer into a believer."


"I was personally impressed with the professionalism and knowledge given to me by Dr. Chelsea. Their service and atmosphere in the office was most impressive. Without a doubt they truly care for your well being."


"Both my kids come to see Dr. Chelsea every month and it has made a huge difference in their overall health. My son had huge problems with breathing and that improved a lot after starting to see Dr. Chelsea. We all look forward to our visits - Thank you for the great care you provide!"


"I know I am in the best of "hands" at Power Health. Dr.Chelsea really and truly cares about me, my well-being and the health of my body and mind. She's a wonderful chiropractor and a terrific person!"


"John, because of your work the last two years I have been able to excel on the ice. Thanks for all your time and effort to keep me healthy."


"Dr. Chelsea Layden-Power combines strong chiropractic skills with exceptional listening abilities, a deep concern for her patients, and a willingness to go the extra mile. I would highly recommend Dr.Chelsea for any person, from tiny infants to those in their golden years."


"I wish I had known about you, and the miracles of chiropractic years ago, especially during my painful pregnancies."


"Dr.Chelsea is a wonderful chiropractor; she cares about you more than just a patient. I highly recommend her to anyone that asks!"


"Dr. Chelsea and John have not only helped me break free from the pain, but have given me ways to better my quality of life."


"I've experienced less pain, more energy and my thought processes are much clearer. The method works, cleans the body, and it functions better! I am an anti-pharmaceuticals person and am so very grateful to have Dr. Chelsea and John RMT, ART on my care-giving team."


"I sometimes forget I was ever in pain. We're still working to eliminate it all together, and I could not be more grateful to the two people who helped me so much when everyone else told me they couldn't."


"I was pain free and felt better than I had in years."