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» Summer Hydration
» Stay Hydrated This Summer Using Celtic Sea Salt
» Congratulations!
» Citrus Mint Iced Green Tea
» Positive Words & Plant Growth: The Physiology of Belief
» What is Nutritional Yeast?
» Barefootin'
» Coordinating Function
» Summer Reads
» More TV Equals Less Life

Summer Hydration

The human body is 70-80% salt water with the brain being composed of
nearly 85% water! It is essential to have adequate water for optimal function
of all cells—good health cannot be achieved without it!
Dehydration is a major stress on the body and inhibits the healing process.

  •  One of the first signs of dehydration is pain anywhere in the body—including arthritic pain—It is impossible for joint inflammation or injury to heal without adequate hydration.
  •   Water washes away toxic wastes of metabolism. Without proper hydration the acidity within our body increases and our nerve endings will pass this information on to the brain where it is interpreted as pain.
  •  A good rule of thumb is to drink 1 litre of water for every 50 lbs of body weight. Your urine should be very pale yellow to nearly clear
  •  You should be reaching for your water bottle even before feeling thirsty—once you feel thirsty dehydration stress responses have already begun.
  •   Avoid sugary, or artificially sweetened sports drinks and seek to replenish electrolytes during periods of exertion with whole foods, and mineral rich sea salt instead..
  •   Many people assume that by drinking beverages other than water they are getting the hydration they need. This is not true. The other substances like sugars, and artificial sweeteners can actually cause water loss to accelerate.

The Role of Histamine

Histamine is an important neurotransmitter that is produced by white blood cells, and is a primary
water regulating agent—moving water from areas of high concentration to areas of low
When the body is dehydrated histamine levels are elevated throughout the body as water is
relocated to the most important organs like the brain and heart. This leaves less critical areas
like joints and digestion very dehydrated and inflamed.
The importance of Salt

  •  Salt is stored in the cartilage of joints to osmotically attract water to aid in lubricationand smooth joint function.
  •  Salt is a natural antihistamine.
  •  Salt produces energy in the body and thins out mucous.
  •  Make sure the salt you are getting in your diet is healthful, unrefined natural sea salt. It will replenish the minerals in your body and work to keep you hydrated.

Author: Power Health
Source: Power Health
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Stay Hydrated This Summer Using Celtic Sea Salt

 sea 20salt

Author: Power Health
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Author: Power Health
Source: Power Health
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Citrus Mint Iced Green Tea

  •  6 bags green tea
  •  1/2 cup fresh mint leaves
  •  3 slices of orange
  •  3 slices of lemon
  •  3 slices of lime
  •  6 cups boiling water
  •  ice

In a large measuring cup or tea pot place fruit and tea bags.
Cover with boiling water, steep for 10 minutes.
Strain into a large pitcher.
Serve over ice, add a small amount of honey for extra sweetness if desired.

Author: Power Health
Source: Power Health
Copyright: Power Health 2014

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Positive Words & Plant Growth: The Physiology of Belief

Every thought we have creates the physical reality of our perceptions.Thoughts and beliefs induce cellular changes and alter neural connections.
Affirmations are a way to tap into the power of our beliefs. Affirmations are statements set in the present tense that allow you to express your desires.
By saying your affirmations out loud, even if that reality has not yet come to fruition, you allow your mind to accept them as true. Once they are held as truths in your subconscious mind, changes at the cellular level can begin. Based on this, it is so important to choose your words and thoughts wisely, they are not without consequence.

"Your beliefs become your thoughts

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny."

- Mahatma Gandhi 

Author: Power Health
Source: Power Health
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What is Nutritional Yeast?

 Nutritional yeast is made from a single celled organism, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae that is grown on molasses, then harvested, washed and dried by heat to deactivate it. It is not the same as yeasts used for baking or brewing beer, and has no leavening abilities. Nutritional yeast can be purchased in flakes or powdered and lends a cheesy, savory flavour to
foods. Use it to give a cheesy flavour to your favourite snacks like roasted chickpeas, homemade crackers or air-popped popcorn. Use in mashed potatoes or on top of dishes instead
of parmesan.

Nutritional yeast is also rich in B vitamins, folic acid, selenium, zinc and protein.

Author: Power Health
Source: Power Health
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How keeping little feet in the buff helps babies’ brains and nervous systems develop.

     In her Pathways article, Barefootin’, Dr. Kacie Flegal teaches us the importance of allowing our
babies to explore the world naturally without wearing shoes and socks. She explains the function
of our two sensory systems, the proprioceptive and vestibular system, and how they directly
contribute to the development of our neuromuscular strength, spatial orientation, balance
and coordination.
  When our little ones wear shoes, she says, it inhibits their sensory development by restricting
the movement of their feet while creating a barrier that prevents the proprioceptors in the feet
from feeling the terrain. Dr. Flegal points out that the sole of the foot is an extremely sensitive
part of the body with as many proprioceptors as the entire spinal column! She encourages us
to take off our baby’s shoes and our own shoes as much as possible to explore and enjoy the
stimulating sensation of the grass, leaves, and earth beneath our feet. 

Author: Dr. Kacie Flegal, DC
Source: Pathways to Family Wellness
Copyright: Pathways to Family Wellness 2014

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Coordinating Function

The classic medical text Gray’s Anatomy tells us that the nervous system is the master control system of the body, determining the function of all systems, all functions and all organs. Newer to science is the profound interconnectivity between the nervous system and immune system. Once thought of as separate, these systems are now considered intertwined. It is now widely accepted that a healthy immune system supports nervous system function, and vice versa. This is very important for us to recognize if we want to create a healthy terrain.
The nervous and immune systems are interconnected in several known ways. Adrenal glands are one common link. Chemicals and hormones that are produced by cells of both systems are another connection. Additionally, research shows that the brain uses nerve cells to communicate directly with the immune system.
Chiropractic care was first linked to improved immunity during the deadly flu epidemic of 1917 and 1918, when chiropractic patients fared better than the general population. This observation spurred a study of the field. The data reported that flu victims under chiropractic care had an estimated .25 percent death rate, considerably less than the normal rate of 5 percent among flu victims who received no chiropractic care.
In 1936, pioneering endocrinologist Hans Selye began ground-breaking research on the effects of stress on our health. B.J. Palmer tells us: Selye’s great contribution to science was this clear concept, that disease affects people according to their previously developed ability to adapt. The writer goes on to relate that the physician prefers to hear that you have had childhood diseases rather than avoided them. He knows that a bout of harmless chickenpox while you were a child, will probably immunize you for life, but that if you contract it first as an adult, it could run a very serious course. This is somewhat of a reversal to medical thinking in years past. This may seem strange, but the writer has this to say regarding antibiotics. “All too often, a patient will insist on a shot of glamorous penicillin or some newer antibiotic for a mild infection. The physician will explain that the drug is not necessary-that it is better for the body to use its own defenses—but the determined patient shops around until he finds someone who will administer it anyhow.” “The frequent result is that, although the individual’s own natural resistance would have conquered the infection, the antibiotic suddenly robs the body of the germs necessary to stimulate the antibody producing mechanism into action. And, a stubborn chronic disease takes hold, against which, antibiotics are now powerless.”
In chiropractic we understand that nerve system function can be interfered with by
misalignments, which create interferences to the normal transmission of nerve impulses. When this occurs, any and all systems are affected. Certainly immune system function, dependent on proper functioning of the nervous system, can be impaired as well. Since then, additional studies have supported chiropractic care to improve immunity. One study found that disease-fighting white blood cell counts were higher just 15 minutes after spinal adjustments. In a similar study, the immune system response in HIV-positive patients under regular care for six months showed a 48 percent increase in white blood cell counts. Conversely, the group that did not receive chiropractic adjustments experienced a 7.96 percent decrease in immunity cells. More research is certainly warranted. 

Author: ICPA
Source: May 2014 newsletter of the ICPA
Copyright: ICPA 2014

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Summer Reads

If reading is on your summer to-do list this check out these Power Health favourites, and kick back with a glass of iced green tea (see recipe in July newsletter):
Sara:     Locavore by Sarah Elton. A great perspective on Canadian food, and the joys of eating food grown locally.
Dr. Chelsea:   Love Anthony by Lisa Genova, about an accidental friendship that helps a grieving mother understand the thoughts of her autistic son. And the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.
Laura:    E-Squared by Pam Grout, nine do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality.
Marina:    The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, the engaging, relatable and inspiring result of the author's twelve-month adventure in becoming a happier person.
John:    Life’s Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard. A triumphant tale of personal growth and change that will inspire any reader who has ever wished for a second chance.

Author: Power Health
Source: Power Health
Copyright: Power Health 2014

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More TV Equals Less Life

Watching TV may bring short-term enjoyment but too much TV time can not only be bad for your health, it can also shorten your life. Spanish researchers have found those who watch 3 or more hours of TV daily double their risk of an early death. Data from over 13,000 adults with an average age of 37 was analyzed to determine if time watching TV was related to an increase in earlier death. The results were substantial. As compared with those individuals watching an hour or less of TV per day, those watching 2 hours per day increased their risk of early death by 40 percent and those watching three or more hours daily doubled their risk for early mortality. According to researchers, a less active sedentary lifestyle increases body fat, reduces muscle and makes the body less responsive to insulin. As a result, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancers become more prominent, all of which are leading causes of death. So get up, get out and get active - and don’t forget to turn off the TV!

Source: Journal of the American Heart Association, online. June 25, 2014.

Copyright: LLC 2014

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